Billy May is musician and arranger Frank Sinatra called upon to arrange several of his albums.

With Sinatra Edit

May began working with Sinatra in 1958 with Sinatra's Capitol album Come Fly with Me.[1]He then worked alongside Sinatra in the later Capitol years, arranging one of Sinatra's commercially greatest Capitol albums, Come Dance With Me![2] and Come Swing with Me![3] respectively.

May also worked on several other Sinatra projects into the Reprise era. Sinatra acquired May's talents to be used in several of his albums, including his collaboration album with Duke Ellington and Sinatra's extensive Trilogy album.

In Sinatra's late career, sadly few arrangers he had worked with were still alive. This made choosing arrangers for his final performances difficult. Sinatra recorded his final studio recordings under Reprise Records with May arranging. Sinatra's last Reprise recording, "My Foolish Heart," was arranged by May. In addition to his final Reprise recordings, Sinatra also recorded his Duets albums with May arranging the band, though the arrangements are based off of previous arrangements for Sinatra by other arrangers such as Nelson Riddle or Don Costa.

Discography Edit

Below is a list of albums Sinatra recorded that Billy May arranged:

References Edit

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