Capitol Collectors Series
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July 26, 1989
April 30, 1953 - March 1960
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Capitol Collectors Series is a compilation album of Frank Sinatra's Capitol Records work. The album is part of Capitol's "Capitol Collectors Series" of albums which featured songs from various artists including Nat King Cole, Johnny Mercer, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Peggy Lee, and several others.

Capitol Collectors Series features a random assortment of Sinatra's hit singles throughout his Capitol career which makes the album very strangely assorted. However, the album itself sports a large variety of Sinatra's work in doing so, and can be classed just as well as more modern Capitol collections such as Classic Sinatra and its sequel.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "I'm Walking Behind You" (Billy Reid) - 2:57
  2. "I've Got the World on a String" (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler) - 2:10
  3. "From Here to Eternity" (Freddy Karger, Robert Wells) - 2:59
  4. "South of the Border" (Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Carr) - 2:47
  5. "Young at Heart" (Johnny Richards, Carolyn Leigh) - 2:50
  6. "Don't Worry 'bout Me" (Rube Bloom, Koehler) - 3:08
  7. "Three Coins in the Fountain" (Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn) - 3:03
  8. "Melody of Love" [with Ray Anthony] (Hans Engelmann, Tom Glazer) - 3:05
  9. "Learnin' the Blues" (Dolores Vicki Silvers) – 3:00
  10. "Same Old Saturday Night" (Frank Reardon, Cahn) – 2:28
  11. "Love and Marriage" (Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen) – 2:37
  12. "(Love Is) The Tender Trap" (Cahn, Van Heusen) - 2:57
  13. "(How Little It Matters) How Little We Know" (Phillip Springer, Carolyn Leigh) – 3:22
  14. "Hey Jealous Lover" (Cahn, Kay Twomey, Bee Walker) – 2:41
  15. "Can I Steal a Little Love?" (Phil Tuminello) - 2:31
  16. "All the Way" (Cahn, Van Heusen) – 2:54
  17. "Chicago (That Toddlin' Town)" (Fred Fisher) - 2:10
  18. "Witchcraft" (Cy Coleman, Leigh) – 2:53
  19. "High Hopes" (Cahn, Van Heusen) - 2:50
  20. "Nice 'n' Easy" (Alan Bergman, Marilyn Keith, Lew Spence) – 2:47
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