Francis Albert Sinatra
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Date of Birth December 12, 1915 - 415 Monroe Street, Hobokenref name=TL
Date of Death May 14, 1998
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Singer, Actor
Relatives Mother: Dolly Sinatra
Father: Antonio Sinatra
First Wife: Nancy Rose Barbato
Second Wife: Ava Gardner
Third Wife: Mia Farrow
Fourth Wife: Barbara Sinatra
First Daughter: Nancy Sinatra
Son: Frank Sinatra Jr.
Second Daughter: Tina Sinatra

Francis Albert Sinatra (December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998) was an American singer and actor. He is of Italian descent.


Frank Sinatra was born to Dolly Garaventa and Antonio Sinatra on December 12, 1915. The birth was traumatic, as Dolly wasn't even 5 feet tall and Frank weighed 13 and a half pounds. The doctor had to use forceps to get him out. While doing this he ripped and scarred Frank's ear, cheek and neck and left him with a punctured eardrum. Frank was not breathing so the doctor looked after Dolly. Thankfully, Dolly's mother Rose held him under a cold running water, which caused Sinatra to breath and cry.[1][2]

Frank's birth certificate was filled in December 17th, and the clerk misspelt Sinatra as Sinestro and Garaventa as Garaventi. The mistake was once again made 23 years later, when they tried to fix it, with Sinatra spelt as Sinastre. The initial A was also given, making him Francis A. Sinatra.[2][1]


As a baby, Frank was a plump child, but by the age of 5 he was skinny. He had to wear pink clothing as his mother wanted a girl  of note, at that time period, pink was still considered a masculine color — and played with dolls at a much older age than most boys. Frank didn't spend much time with Dolly, who left him with his grandmother, aunt Mary or aunt Rosalie, father-in-law, babysitter or an elderly Jewish neighbour. Frank spent time at the cinema, or learning about Jewish history. Mrs. Golden would go on to give him a Jewish charm bracelet, and he pledged to buy a quarter of a million dollar's of Israel bonds in her memory.[2]

Frank was very spoiled by Dolly to make up for her absence in his life. She gave him lots of toys, bikes and took him on holiday yearly, as well as letting him have an account at Geismar's, the local department store. She also brought him smart clothes, which put him out of place in his neighbourhood. Frank also seemed to many to be quite lonely, spending lots of time alone on his tricycle at a young age.[2]

The First RecordingEdit

Sinatra's first recording was with a band who were also recording for the first time on March 18, 1939 at Harry Smith Studios in New York. The night before, Frank asked if he could join then while in the Sicilian Club near his house in New Jersey. Sinatra asked the band leader, Frank Mane if he could sing, and the band leader let him. He sang the song Our Love, and the singing was carved into a record, which is still in the Mane's possession, kept in a safe at his house, and only used on rare occasions. The record has not been released due to Sinatra's heirs demanding all rights and most of the income from any release. [2]

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Sinatra is referenced several times in television shows, films, and songs.

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