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On the Main page of the wiki, there is a section titled "Featured Album". This section is about a community-selected album that is one of the wiki's best in content. A user can request an article in the album category to be featured on the main page here.

Rules for suggestions

  1. Suggestions can be made by any user, but one suggestion per user.
  2. Suggestions must have an article with at least 2,500 bytes in size.
  3. The infobox, track listing, and categories must be filled out correctly.
  4. There must be an image in the article.
  5. No, or very few, red-linked pages in the article.
  6. Remember, the more information, the better!


Place any suggestions for featured songs here:


  • [[Frank Sinatra Wiki:Featured album/Archive 1|Archive 1 (2009 - 2011)