Hoboken is a town, most famous for it being the home of Frank Sinatra.


Hoboken is one square mile in size.[1]


Hoboken was a resort for rich New Yorkers in the 1800's, yet at the turn of the century it became a industrial town with a population of sixty thousand people. The city was on the Hudson River, and was run by the Irish. [1]

Little ItalyEdit

Italian immigrants occupied a few of the western streets. This part was known to be their Little Italy. The Italians had there own church, as well as rules and customs, enforced by their own people. Keeping to tradition, families lived on the same street or even the same building. Many of the Italians owned guns, most famously causing a battle with Irish cops in 1909 on Monroe Street.[1]

World War OneEdit

World War One changed the town in many ways. Troopships lined the riverside and bars were closed down for the military, three years before the 1917 prohibition began. Shipments of alcohol came from abroad, and 250 bars had opened. Hoboken's docks were a key transit point for shipping in illegal liquor.[1]


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