Kisses and Tears
Jule Styne
Sammy Cahn
January 4, 1949[1]

"Kisses and Tears" is a song Frank Sinatra under Columbia Records]. Arranged by Leigh Harline, the song was performed alongside Jane Russell and The Modernaires.

The song was released as a single in 1950. The B-side of this single was "When The Sun Goes Down" and neither of these songs peaked at on the charts of that year.[2]

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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

(There they go again but they never break up)
(Everyday a fight, and then they kiss and make up)
[Kisses and tears, that's all our love is]
[It's nothing but kisses and tears]
You don't seem to need the slightest reason
To chase that sunshine and bring on the rainy season
(Though the years)
Unless you trust me, whenever a doubt appears
[Your future with me will continue to be kisses and tears]
You're crying again, you're sighing again
Can't we patch it up this time?
And I guess it's allright, we've finished our fight, and now...
(It's just about kiss-time)
You shouldn't be kissed, I oughta resist
(That's all that love is)
Oh watsa matter, baby?
You don't seem to need the slightest reason
(To chase the sunshine and bring on, bring on the rainy season)
Kisses and tears, it's up to you
If we laugh or if we cry through the years
Unless you trust me [whenever a doubt appears]
[Your future with me will continue to be}
Loving and crying, continually
[Our future will be just kisses and tears]
(Kisses and tears!)

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