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Sinatra & Company
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General information
Frank Sinatra with Antonio Carlos Jobim
Release date(s)
February 11, 1969 – October 29, 1970
Record Label
Don Costa
Product code
3½ / 5 [1]
Track information
Total tracks
2 / 5 [3]
Alternate cover art

Sinatra & Company is an album by Frank Sinatra released in 1971. It is Sinatra's fifty-ninth studio album.

It was to be originally titled "Sinatra Jobim" as a follow-up to the 1967 album, Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Sinatra & Company is Frank Sinatra's final album before retiring from entertainment and performance. Sinatra later, in 1973, however came back to music with his Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back album.

Track Listing[]

  1. "Drinking Water (Aqua De Beber)" (Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Norman Gimbel) – 2:35
  2. "Someone to Light up My Life" (de Moraes, Jobim, Gene Lees) – 2:37
  3. "Triste" (Jobim) – 2:40
  4. "Don't Ever Go Away (Por Causa De Voc)" ("Por Causa de Voce") (Ray Gilbert, Dolores Durán, Jobim) – 2:28
  5. "This Happy Madness" ("Estrada Branca") (de Moraes, Jobim, Lees) – 2:57
  6. "Wave" (Jobim) – 3:25
  7. "One Note Samba" (Jobim, Newton Mendonça, Jon Hendricks) – 2:20
  8. "I Will Drink the Wine" (Paul Ryan) – 3:30
  9. "(They Long to Be) Close to You" (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) – 2:34
  10. "Sunrise in the Morning" (Ryan) – 2:50
  11. "Bein' Green" (Joe Raposo) – 3:00
  12. "My Sweet Lady" (John Denver) – 3:01
  13. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (Denver) – 2:25
  14. "Lady Day" (Bob Gaudio, Jake Holmes) – 3:41


The singles of Sinatra & Company were sporadically released. The first single from the album, one featuring "Lady Day" and "Song of the Sabiá," was released in 1970. Another song from the album, "Bein' Green," was released as a single with Sinatra's rendition of "Something" which wasn't released in a studio album until 1980's Trilogy: Past Present Future. The final single of the album featured "I Will Drink The Wine" and "Sunrise In The Morning," and this single was released in 1971.[2]


Allmusic gave Sinatra & Company a score of three and a half out of five stars. In comparison to the charts of Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobin, Sinatra & Company's "charts are looser and more relaxed; consequently, the music is lighter, more immediate, and arguably more fun." About the arrangements of the album, the "second half of Sinatra & Company ranks as some of his best soft rock-influenced material of the late '60s." [1]

Mojo magazine gave the album a low score of two out of five stars.[3]

Sinatra & Company peaked at #73 on the Billboard 200 charts of 1971.[4]


Sonny Burke Producer
Charles Champlin Liner Notes
Danny Costa Arranger, Producer
Don Costa Arranger, Producer
Deodato Arranger
Norman Gimbel Composer
Antonio Carlos Jobim Composer, Guitar, Performer, Piano, Vocals
João Palma Drums
Frank Sinatra Performer, Producer, Vocals
Claudio Slon Drums
Morris Stoloff Conductor
Ed Thrasher Art Direction, Photography